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Heres everything you need to know about external wall insulation and rendering.

How well insulated is your home or business premises? Given the price of gas and electricity, we are all looking for ways to reduce the cost of bills. Applying wall insulation and external plaster or wall render to the outside of your building is a practical way to retrofit insulation to a property. But what is external wall insulation, and how can it help you reduce your energy bills?

What is External Wall Insulation?

Without insulation, your property can lose up to 45% of heat through its walls. But if your external walls don’t have cavity wall insulation or don’t even have cavities, is there an alternative to help prevent this heat loss? Yes. A perhaps little known but simple technology is the addition of insulating panels to the outside walls of your home or business premises, which stop any heat escaping and cold infiltrating from the outside (cold or thermal bridging).

Thankfully, the panels aren’t left exposed, leaving you with an unattractive property. Instead, a surface or external wall render is applied on top of the insulation, leaving a superb looking final product.

Cut the cost of your energy bills.

Keeping the heat in your home or office is more important than ever, considering the price of gas and electricity. The most significant advantage of installing external insulation is the savings you can make on your energy bills. A house or office that is more energy-efficient not only means a more comfortable living or working environment (in terms of temperature, that is!), but it will also take less energy to heat your premises. The insulation ensures any heat within the property is retained rather than being lost to the outside, meaning you’ll spend less on your energy bills.

What are the different types of render?

The two main rendering systems are silicone rendering and Monocouche, though silicone render is used to cover insulation panels. Both of these external wall coatings leave an attractive appearance, with a smooth, minimalist and contemporary look. And they don’t just come in white either; there are over 600 colours to choose from, so you can make your property even more unique.

Silicone render doesn’t crack; it’s smooth, flexible, breathable and hard-wearing, whereas Monocouche render, akin to the more traditional render, is chalky and has a tactile, textured surface. The colour range of wall renders is impressive, making external plastering and wall insulation an even more desirable option.

How much does an external wall insulation system cost?

Installation of an external wall insulation system, including a surface render, costs between £90 and £100 plus VAT per metre squared. The final price will depend on the extent of the area you’re getting insulated, the preparation work required beforehand, and the location of your property. However, although these figures are an excellent benchmark to the general cost of insulating your home, don’t forget the saving you’ll make on your energy bills!

Environmentally friendly.

As well as the cost savings you can make from insulating your home or business premises, insulation and render also benefits the environment. By retaining the heat within your home, the external wall insulation system prevents excessive fuel use to heat our properties. Whether conventional or renewable, the less fuel we use means more for other purposes. Here at the Yorkshire Rendering Company, we’re also a registered partner for the government’s eco-funding scheme (contact us to find out more).

External wall coatings look extremely attractive and are ideal for retrofitting insulation to almost any building. So, whether your current render is crumbling, cracked and needs replacing, or you want to save on your energy bills, applying new insulation and surface rendering is the perfect option.

At Yorkshire Rendering Company, we have over 20 years’ experience in the external plastering and rendering industry and have fully trained and accredited staff. Specialists in silicone and Monocouche rendering, we deliver a high-quality service that is project managed throughout.

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